Aion have a variety of 3D printing machines, able to print in a variety of different materials.


From a single part or a short production run, Aion Engineering can provide all of your 3D printing services. With the widest range of technologies at our disposal, all of our work is backed by superior levels of service and support.

Rapid Turnaround

We have instantly available capacity on a variety of 3D Printing machines, allowing us to work on short lead times (normally a few days).

Complex Geometry

All of our 3D printing technologies offered use support material without scarring. Therefore our 3D printing allows you to produce parts with any geometry. Our Tolerances are typically +/- 0.127mm

Professional Materials

We offer the best printing materials and technologies to ensure you are happy with the quality of each part delivered. Therefore you can expect commercial grade materials such as ABS, PLA, Nylon, TPU, TPE, PA 11 and PA12


3D printing produces durable and impact resistant parts suitable for a multitude of prototype testing or end use applications.

Wide Application

Components from a wide range of industries can be manufactured using 3D printing – from aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and robotics to education and many more.

Multiple Colours

Many of the materials we use are available in multiple colours allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your parts to your exact requirements

3D Printing Capacity

Creality 3D® Ender-3 DIY 3D Printer
Build Volume: 220x220x250mm
8 Machines

3D Printing Capacity

Sinterit Lisa
Build Volume: 110 x 150 x 145mm
2 Machines

High Quality 3D Printed Components


Build Volume up to 220 x 220 x 250mm


BS EN ISO9001:2015