Aion have a variety of CNC machines, our milling capabilities range from standard 3 axis milled parts through to multi face 4 axis parts.  We also have mill-turn capability and combine 3D part generation using our CAD/CAM programming technologies.

Fast Turnaround

We are fast! Using our Capacity Planning, some parts can be turned around in less than a week.

Volume Production

From a one-off prototype to large volumes of tens of thousands of units. Our prices are highly competitive too.

Surface Treatment

Finishing processes are available for most machined parts including chrome plating, anodising, polishing, plating and heat treatment.


We work with a diverse range of materials , often exotic materials, from alloys, steel, stainless steel, inconel, duplex and titanium to name but a few.


We work to a variety of tolerances, machining to single figure micron tolerances and fine surface finish parameters.


Components ranging from defence aerospace, nuclear, hydraulics and medical and other sectors.

High Quality Precision Machined Components


CNC Milling capacity up to 700 x 506 x 405mm


CNC Turning capacity up to 400mm Diameter x 1000mm length


BS EN ISO9001:2015

CNC Milling Capacity

CNC Milling capacity up to 700 x 506 x 405mm
1 x Haas Mini Mill 4 Axis Mill
1 x Haas VF2 4 Axis Mill

CNC Turning Capacity

400mm Diameter x 1000mm length
1 x Haas ST-20 Lathe
1 x Mazak 35 ATC Lathe

CAD/CAM Capacity

Fusion 360